GO Certificate in Ministry to Women

Dive Deeper in Scripture

Be better prepared to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission. 

Cultivate a Love for God and Others

Learn biblical content in an accessible and affordable format that will shape you for any ministry context

Make Disciples 

Implement a strategy to theologically train and  disciple other women in the church and your community. 

This GO Certificate is a combination of our tried and true Christian Theology and Old and New Testament courses along with a selection of brand new courses that address the varying areas of Ministry to Women. No matter what ministry the Lord has called you to, the Ministry to Women GO Certificate can give you the knowledge and tools you need make disciples who make disciples. This Certificate is part of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary's Biblical Women's Institute.

The Equipping Women Initiative  

These seven courses will help you cultivate a passionate love for God and others to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission 

Old Testament

How do you go about studying, teaching or preaching the Old Testament while remaining consistent with God’s will and intended meaning? What should we continue to practice and what should we not continue to practice as New Testament believers? Is the Old Testament even Christian Scripture? These questions and more will be answered in this course.

New Testament

 How should we live as followers of The Way? This course will look at the scope of the New Testament and give you a greater understanding of the flow of the Gospels, Writings, Pauline Epistles, and Revelation.

Christian Theology

What is Christianity about? Find the answer to this question and more as you learn about doctrines of the faith. This class will equip you with a greater understanding of your faith so that you can think through these topics for yourself and be able answer others when they ask, “What do you believe?”

Bible Exposition for Ministry to Women


What is Bible Exposition? And Why does it matter in Women's ministry? This course will help you diver deeper into biblical interpretation with particular attention given to teaching the Bible in contexts related to ministry to women.

Women's Ministry in the Local Church


What does Women's Ministry in the local church look like?  This course can help you to understand the biblical, theological, and missional aspects of developing a women’s ministry within the local church. Particular attention is given to leadership development of the leader and the administration of a women’s ministry.

Counseling Women

Coming Spring 2024!

Leading Women to Be on Mission

Coming Summer 2024!

Full Certificate


GO Certificate in Ministry to Women

  • Includes 7 essential courses
  • Start courses any time; complete at your own pace
  • Balanced for all learning levels

Effective Ministry Training

Seminary-type training to take you deeper into the truths of Scripture so that you will know and love God more faithfully. This program will give you the opportunity to be discipled by our world class faculty so that you can take your ministry to the next level. 

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