Certificate in Christian Apologetics

Grow in Sharing Your Faith with Others

Be equipped to provide a moral witness to those around you and engage culture. 

Engage Spheres of Culture in Your Community 

Learn about Christian approaches to family, sports, work, and various other cultural spheres.   

Represent the Christian Faith with Christ-like Character

Discover the major intellectual challenges to the Christian faith and be able to provide an appropriate response.  

Do you have a desire to reach more people for Jesus Christ? Are you trying to understand how your faith impacts your interaction with culture? The GO Certificate in Christian Apologetics will introduce you to various challenges to the Christian faith, teach you how to engage culture, and provide you with the tools to be a moral witness in your cultural context. Gain a firm foundation by learning the principles of Bible Interpretation, greater knowledge of the New Testament, Old Testament, and a better grasp on the Great Commission. The remaining 3 apologetics courses will allow you to dig further into the discipline of Christian apologetics. Gain more knowledge to further your ability to speak into moral, cultural, and contemporary issues facing the Christian faith. 

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Essential Training to Engage Culture

This Certificate includes 4 core courses to provide an ideal foundation for your cultural engagement. The remaining 3 courses will narrow your focus to three of our apologetics courses: moral, cultural, and contemporary. 

Understanding the Bible (Hermeneutics)

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different views of Scripture? The reason for that is based on how people interpret God’s Word. This class will introduce the basic principles of Biblical interpretation to help you strengthen your Bible study and your love for God as you understand the meaning and significance of His word.

Great Commission Studies

One of the top reasons why believers in Jesus do not like to share the gospel is because of fear. That fear can manifest itself in a number of things—rejection, or not knowing what to say, or not saying the right thing. This class will help you build a desire to share your faith in Jesus creatively from a Biblical foundation.

Old Testament

How do you go about studying, teaching or preaching the Old Testament while remaining consistent with God’s will and intended meaning? What should we continue to practice and what should we not continue to practice as New Testament believers? Is the Old Testament even Christian Scripture? These questions and more will be answered in this course.

New Testament

How should we live as followers of The Way? This course will look at the scope of the New Testament and give you a greater understanding of the flow of the Gospels, Writings, Pauline Epistles, and Revelation.

Christian Apologetics

An introduction to the apologetic challenges to the Christian faith. Identity the major intellectual challenges to Christianity. Offer a brief rational response to the challenges to the Christian faith. Represent the Christian faith with the proper disposition and character.

Cultural Apologetics

An introduction to Christian cultural engagement, with special emphasis on Christian approaches to family, sports, work, and various other spheres of culture.

Moral Apologetics

Built on the research and study of Christian Ethics, Moral Apologetics seeks to move Christian moral concerns from individual and church to the broader culture. By combining ideas about engaging culture and Christian Ethics, this class seeks to equip the student to evaluate and use the base of Christian Ethics to provide a moral witness and, thereby, engage culture. The goal is for Christians to be equipped to witness in Word and deed.

Full Certificate


  • 4 foundational courses
  • 3 apologetics courses
  • Engage cultural issues with a Christian worldview
  • Respond logically to challenges facing the Christian faith 
  • Witness to the world in both word and deed

Essential Training to Engage Culture

Take your evangelism and cultural engagement to the next level with this GO Certificate in Apologetics. In addition to the included core, students will take three courses that focus on apologetics. Register today, and be equipped to take your evangelism to the next level. 

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