Certificate in Biblical Studies and Theology

Dive Deeper in Scripture

The GO Certificate in Biblical Studies and Theology will challenge you to grow deeper in your love and knowledge of God across many biblical disciplines.  

Be Better Equipped to Serve

No matter where God has you serving in ministry, this GO Certificate will equip you to serve in a variety or teaching and leadership ministry contexts. 

Be Challenged to GO

Every Southeastern Classroom is intentionally designed to be a Great Commission classroom, this GO Certificate will challenge you to reach others for Christ. 

This Certificate provides a solid biblical foundation for any ministry. Gain a greater knowledge of the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Great Commission. Dig further into scripture by learning principles of Bible interpretation. Learn how to discuss foundational Christian beliefs through a theology class and how to apply those beliefs to real life in an ethics course. No matter what your ministry, the Certificate in Biblical Studies and Theology can give you the knowledge and tools you need to go deeper in your ministry.

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A Solid Foundation for Ministry

Seven courses provide a well-rounded training for your training or personal study

Understanding the Bible (Hermeneutics)

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different views of Scripture? The reason for that is based on how people interpret God’s Word. This class will introduce the basic principles of Biblical interpretation to help you strengthen your Bible study and your love for God as you understand the meaning and significance of His word.

Christian Theology

What is Christianity about? Find the answer to this question and more as you learn about doctrines of the faith. This class will equip you with a greater understanding of your faith so that you can think through these topics for yourself and be able answer others when they ask, β€œWhat do you believe?”

Great Commission Studies

One of the top reasons why believers in Jesus do not like to share the gospel is because of fear. That fear can manifest itself in a number of things—rejection, or not knowing what to say, or not saying the right thing. This class will help you build a desire to share your faith in Jesus creatively from a Biblical foundation.

Old Testament

How do you go about studying, teaching or preaching the Old Testament while remaining consistent with God’s will and intended meaning? What should we continue to practice and what should we not continue to practice as New Testament believers? Is the Old Testament even Christian Scripture? These questions and more will be answered in this course.

New Testament

How should we live as followers of The Way? This course will look at the scope of the New Testament and give you a greater understanding of the flow of the Gospels, Writings, Pauline Epistles, and Revelation.

Historical Theology

This course will help you to understand some of the central Christian doctrines taught in our churches and how they were formed during times of persecution and the development of the Christian faith.

Current Issues in Christian Ethics

Intensive study and research of one or more moral issues which are of immediate concern to the Church, society, and Christian ethicists. Sometimes we are faced with situations that are often called “gray areas.” While some of these things may not be directly addressed in the Bible, we are still called to live faithfully as followers of Jesus. This class will engage some of those “gray area” topics and help you to think and live as children of The Light.

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Effective Ministry Training

Seminary-type training to take you deeper into the truths of Scripture so that you will know and love God more faithfully. Sunday school teacher, small group leader, children's worker, or devoted believer will receive a solid foundation for life and ministry. 

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